S01EP04: Liz Bohannon


Liz Bohannon is one of my fave follows on Insta Stories. She never, ever fails to ask great questions, tell it like she sees it, or challenge something that is just a little off. You could never accuse Liz of being a bore. For sure not.

Sseko Designs is her fashion forward for-good brand and you will LOVE seeing her passion come alive when you watch her talk about everything Sseko. She loves to empower other women, and it shows.

In this episode, we talk about the way we see the Lord, the ways we sometime wish we fit in, and the fact that Liz kind of lives the hippie dream. Liz lives very nearby many of her dear friends and they’ve decided to intentionally live in proximity and intimacy. She’s real and brave and honest when she talks about the challenges and benefits of this living arrangement. You don’t want to miss it.

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