Maybe You've been a CHRISTIAN for awhile,

but you thought FAITH would be richer AND MORE FULL OF LIFE.

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I totally get it. I've been there, too. I had a faith that looked great on the outside but that didn't feel as deep as I had hoped. I was doing all the right things...

  • church every Sunday

  • Bible Studies, Small Groups, etc.

  • doing the good stuff and even more, making sure not to do the bad stuff

Here's the thing I've learned, and it's crazy. There is ABSOLUTELY more to the Christian life than that stuff, and it's not do more or try harder. The same God that created you is inviting you deeper into His plan and His mystery and His abundance.

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Hi! Hayley Morgan here!

I wrote this study for all the Shiny Pennies in the world. I used to be one. 

Maybe you are, too? In my vocab, a Shiny Penny is a Christian girl who looks like she's got it all together. She's around the church, she shows up to Bible Study, and maybe even leads it. She's got good relationships and most of life seems to be going pretty well. But, even though she's shiny and acceptable on the outside, she's exhausted, a tiny bit judgy, and terrified to step out of line or get off track. 

She asks questions like "How can I feel God more?" and "How do I know God's will?". She's kind of annoyed with all the people who can't keep their junk together, because she's over here killing herself trying to follow God in all the right ways.

For Shiny Pennies, it can be less about following God as though He's out in front leading you...and more about following God's rules like He's a headmaster. It's true, you can do the right things for the wrong reasons.

Don't worry, though. If you slow down and hold your true heart up to the Lord, He's good to change everything!

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I'm all about simple. In this study we'll slowly pour over 4 main passages of Scripture, spending 4 sessions on each section. This slow pace allows for a rich, experiential encounter with these seven pieces of God's Word.

You'll also receive a weekly email encouraging you, cheering you on, and adding some additional resources in case you want to dwell a little longer.