S01EP03: Ruth Chou Simons

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My guess is that you know Ruth Chou Simons. She’s a renowned artist, bestselling author, and powerhouse speaker. She has been on the Internet for a bajillion years, and she’s full of grace and beauty. She’s created a whole painterly universe where Scripture is at the forefront and God’s creation is on display.

Ruth is no doubt a beauty, but I’ve always admired the way she mothers her boys. Her oldest is a hop, skip, a jump older than my oldest and it’s been my favorite to have a little glimpse into what is coming up soon for me as a mom. Ruth makes mothering many young men look like a charmed existence, but you can tell even by her Insta-stories that she and her husband Troy invite their boys to follow them as they chase after Jesus. They parent with their eye on what is most important and imparting the grace of the Gospel as their biggest aim.

Even if you’re not a parent, I think you’ll glean a lot from this conversation. We talk about how we handle believers and non-believers differently in the scope of disciple-making (we’re referring to our kids, but it’s equally true for others!). It’s a conversation I’ve thought about many, many times since we recorded this podcast.

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