S01EP02: Ebie Hepworth

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Before we started recording, I quizzed Ebie on how to pronounce her name. The hazard of podcasting with people you’ve only met online is it’s a little like learning big words in books instead of the spoken language. You sometimes don’t know how they sound when you’re supposed to say them outloud. For the record, it’s Eeeee-bie, like E.B., which as it happens stands for her full first name Elizabeth. Great to know. :)

I wanted to talk with Ebie because she’s just this vibrant force of a woman. She pushes hard after the Lord, and she has had so much about her life change in the past few years, I wondered if the way she thinks about God has changed at all.

In this episode, Ebie talks about her adoption from Liberia, the surprise medical diagnosis when they got home, and her belief that God is a God who heals.

Ebie Hepworth’s vulnerable and relatable heart has allowed her to encourage countless women across the globe. Ebie served Wipe Every Tear, an organization bringing freedom and restoration to women trafficked in the sex trade, for 5 years, giving her a front row seat to redemption. She and her husband Zac have two adorable little ones Birdie and Asa.

More from Ebie: Instagram @EbieHepworth // Website

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