S01EP01: Jess Connolly

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You’d think I wouldn’t have any questions for Jess. After all, we’ve been dear friends for more than five years, we were pregnant at the same time with our last babies, have written two books together, and text all the time.

BUT, Jess is THE GIRL for breaking down what it looks like to REALLY walk with God. She’s honest, she’s open, and she remembers everything. This conversation reminds me of her wisdom, her depth, and her overflowing hope and belief in God.

In this episode, Jess asks if we feel the freedom to say really real things to God. We talk about “quiet time” and “hearing from the Lord” and what accountability looks like when it goes right and when it goes wrong.

Jess is a church planter, an author, and a mom of 4. She owns businesses and preaches to women all over. She’s a powerhouse, and she’s as real as you get. The church she and her husband Nick planted is called Bright City Church in sunny Charleston, South Carolina, and they’d LOVE for you to visit any time you’re in the area.

More from Jess: Instagram @JessAConnolly // Website // Go and Tell Gals


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The Message

Bright City Church - The church Jess planted with her husband Nick in Charleston, SC