S01EP00: Intro

WTW-S01EP00 cover art.png

This is the sorta-first episode of Walk the Walk with Hayley Morgan. It’s only a sorta-first episode because it’s mega short and sweet. It’s not structured like the rest of the episodes, which will be a short reflection and then an interview. This one is just a short reflection. It’s hard to interview yourself. ;)

First, I’m your host Hayley Morgan. I love following God everywhere. Anywhere He goes and invites me into, I want to be there. I married my high-school sweetheart and we had four boys in quick succession. It’s been a daring adventure to mother four sons, and I feel like I’m just getting started. I’m an all-around creative who likes to think at 30,000 feet. I like to ask curious questions, and that’s the heart of this podcast.

I want to get to the heart of what a walk with God looks like. I came to the faith at 15 years old, and I had never seen a walk with God modeled. I had no earthly idea what things like “quiet time” and “Christian community” were supposed to look like. In some ways, I still don’t totally know. It’s hard to get a view into people’s relationship with the Lord (and what DOES a relationship with an invisible being even LOOK LIKE?!).

Join me as I ask some of the most interesting people some curious questions. I’m going to work on being a good interviewer (it’s harder than you’d think!) and asking semi-intimate questions. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when people walk with God.