S01EP04: Liz Bohannon


Liz Bohannon is one of my fave follows on Insta Stories. She never, ever fails to ask great questions, tell it like she sees it, or challenge something that is just a little off. You could never accuse Liz of being a bore. For sure not.

Sseko Designs is her fashion forward for-good brand and you will LOVE seeing her passion come alive when you watch her talk about everything Sseko. She loves to empower other women, and it shows.

In this episode, we talk about the way we see the Lord, the ways we sometime wish we fit in, and the fact that Liz kind of lives the hippie dream. Liz lives very nearby many of her dear friends and they’ve decided to intentionally live in proximity and intimacy. She’s real and brave and honest when she talks about the challenges and benefits of this living arrangement. You don’t want to miss it.

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S01EP03: Ruth Chou Simons

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My guess is that you know Ruth Chou Simons. She’s a renowned artist, bestselling author, and powerhouse speaker. She has been on the Internet for a bajillion years, and she’s full of grace and beauty. She’s created a whole painterly universe where Scripture is at the forefront and God’s creation is on display.

Ruth is no doubt a beauty, but I’ve always admired the way she mothers her boys. Her oldest is a hop, skip, a jump older than my oldest and it’s been my favorite to have a little glimpse into what is coming up soon for me as a mom. Ruth makes mothering many young men look like a charmed existence, but you can tell even by her Insta-stories that she and her husband Troy invite their boys to follow them as they chase after Jesus. They parent with their eye on what is most important and imparting the grace of the Gospel as their biggest aim.

Even if you’re not a parent, I think you’ll glean a lot from this conversation. We talk about how we handle believers and non-believers differently in the scope of disciple-making (we’re referring to our kids, but it’s equally true for others!). It’s a conversation I’ve thought about many, many times since we recorded this podcast.

More from Ruth: Instagram @gracelaced // gracelaced Website // Ruth’s Books

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S01EP02: Ebie Hepworth

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Before we started recording, I quizzed Ebie on how to pronounce her name. The hazard of podcasting with people you’ve only met online is it’s a little like learning big words in books instead of the spoken language. You sometimes don’t know how they sound when you’re supposed to say them outloud. For the record, it’s Eeeee-bie, like E.B., which as it happens stands for her full first name Elizabeth. Great to know. :)

I wanted to talk with Ebie because she’s just this vibrant force of a woman. She pushes hard after the Lord, and she has had so much about her life change in the past few years, I wondered if the way she thinks about God has changed at all.

In this episode, Ebie talks about her adoption from Liberia, the surprise medical diagnosis when they got home, and her belief that God is a God who heals.

Ebie Hepworth’s vulnerable and relatable heart has allowed her to encourage countless women across the globe. Ebie served Wipe Every Tear, an organization bringing freedom and restoration to women trafficked in the sex trade, for 5 years, giving her a front row seat to redemption. She and her husband Zac have two adorable little ones Birdie and Asa.

More from Ebie: Instagram @EbieHepworth // Website

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S01EP01: Jess Connolly

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You’d think I wouldn’t have any questions for Jess. After all, we’ve been dear friends for more than five years, we were pregnant at the same time with our last babies, have written two books together, and text all the time.

BUT, Jess is THE GIRL for breaking down what it looks like to REALLY walk with God. She’s honest, she’s open, and she remembers everything. This conversation reminds me of her wisdom, her depth, and her overflowing hope and belief in God.

In this episode, Jess asks if we feel the freedom to say really real things to God. We talk about “quiet time” and “hearing from the Lord” and what accountability looks like when it goes right and when it goes wrong.

Jess is a church planter, an author, and a mom of 4. She owns businesses and preaches to women all over. She’s a powerhouse, and she’s as real as you get. The church she and her husband Nick planted is called Bright City Church in sunny Charleston, South Carolina, and they’d LOVE for you to visit any time you’re in the area.

More from Jess: Instagram @JessAConnolly // Website // Go and Tell Gals


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Bright City Church - The church Jess planted with her husband Nick in Charleston, SC


S01EP00: Intro

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This is the sorta-first episode of Walk the Walk with Hayley Morgan. It’s only a sorta-first episode because it’s mega short and sweet. It’s not structured like the rest of the episodes, which will be a short reflection and then an interview. This one is just a short reflection. It’s hard to interview yourself. ;)

First, I’m your host Hayley Morgan. I love following God everywhere. Anywhere He goes and invites me into, I want to be there. I married my high-school sweetheart and we had four boys in quick succession. It’s been a daring adventure to mother four sons, and I feel like I’m just getting started. I’m an all-around creative who likes to think at 30,000 feet. I like to ask curious questions, and that’s the heart of this podcast.

I want to get to the heart of what a walk with God looks like. I came to the faith at 15 years old, and I had never seen a walk with God modeled. I had no earthly idea what things like “quiet time” and “Christian community” were supposed to look like. In some ways, I still don’t totally know. It’s hard to get a view into people’s relationship with the Lord (and what DOES a relationship with an invisible being even LOOK LIKE?!).

Join me as I ask some of the most interesting people some curious questions. I’m going to work on being a good interviewer (it’s harder than you’d think!) and asking semi-intimate questions. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when people walk with God.