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Friday, Friday, Friday! Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! When I was a young, young mom with young, young kids, it didn’t matter much to me whether it was a Monday or a Saturday. The days blurred together as I tried to devise a way to inject caffeine in my veins and contemplated taping my eyes open.

BUT NOW. I focus all week. I stick to a routine. I manage school days and work days and homework and dinner time. My weeks are more structured than I’d prefer, but it’s the only workable option. So, by the time Friday rolls around I’m ON BOARD for the weekend.

Weekends are for drooling on the pillow while the sun warms the bedroom. Weekends are for the kids getting themselves breakfast and turning on cartoons. Honestly, now my older two boys even sleep in on the weekends. I honestly thought the day would never come.

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// Natural beauty in a age of chemical fear

// A masterful look at the life and ministry of Beth Moore

// There is no shame in having a gazillion to-be-read articles in your browser.

// I’m glad when my friend Lindsey gives me homework.

// Speaking of homework…what it’s like to be a teacher in America.

// Speaking of America…are you registered to vote? Takes less than 30 seconds and information you know by heart to check and if you find you’re not registered you can do it in less than 5 minutes!

My next book Preach to Yourself comes out a week from Tuesday. I’m celebrating with by wearing a party dress, eating cake, and getting a new tattoo. I can’t wait. I’m also freaking out.

If you wanted to do me a HUGE favor, you could preorder the book! When you do, head here, and you can claim all kinds of FUN extras!

Keep an eye on next week for an ALL NEW giveaway aimed at getting the word out to the masses about Preach to Yourself!