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It has been said that the 18 inches from head to heart is the soul’s longest journey. Our head knows the Good News is true, but our heart struggles to believe it. It’s in this very gap between our head and our heart that we do battle to believe the promises of God.

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Hayley’s work here is that of a butterfly collector, pinning down each fleeting, gossamer lie from our brain and securing it to what holds: an unchanging wall of truth. Like the Monarch, may we emerge with patterns anew.
— Erin Loechner
When I go to describe this book to other people, I will certainly lead with the word “important.” Hayley isn’t offering anyone a bandaid or a quick-fix. She’s written a manual, in the voice of an old friend, that will keep you practicing for the long haul.
— Hannah Brencher
I’m here to tell you, from a front row point of view, that Hayley Morgan is a woman who speaks truth to herself - powered by the Holy Spirit and armed with the Word of God. Enjoy this book and embrace this tool that will change your life and strengthen your appetite for our Father.
— Jess Connolly

Hayley Morgan is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who reminds women what is true about God and themselves. Her first book called Wild and Free, co-written with Jess Connolly, was published in May 2016 and quickly became a USA Today Bestseller. 

Hayley lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and their four young sons. She blogs at .


  • You can often find me cross-legged on the floor of an art supply store debating between the merits of five different shades of green paint.

  • I truly believe libraries are the greatest gift to a community. I worked in Inter Library Loan in college and happily bopped around the stacks and had the Dewey Decimal System memorized.

  • I wanted to be an astronaut (or the president) as a little girl. High aspirations have never been a problem for this girl. 😬😂

  • I'm an ambivert, meaning I straddle the line between introversion and extroversion. This is common for my Meyers-Briggs type ENFP. This also causes confusing patterns in my life. I like a good night out, and then a day on puttering around the house by myself to recuperate.

  • Both my office and kitchen windows overlook my elderly neighbor's backyard. She often plays the flute in her bathing suit outside on warm summer days. This is one of my favorite things about our house...and also my life.

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