From My Many Open Tabs 5


I got to surprise my girl Jess Connolly at the first stop on her tour for her newest book You Are The Girl For The Job. It’s SUCH a special and important book, and I mean that with every bit of myself…Jess has always, always been the cheerleader for this truth in my life.

Surprising her in Nashville was a last-minute decision. I got a bee in my bonnet about it, and Mike said GO. YOU MUST. So I did. One of our cars doesn’t have air conditioning, the windows don’t work, and the radio is non-functional. That’s the car I drove. ;) But, that drive down to Nashville was precious to me. I had a notebook on the passenger seat, and I scrawled so many little notes as I kept my eyes on the road. I’m trying to re-transcribe those notes now, and OH MY GOSH WHAT DO THEY SAY?! I know they were genius thoughts for my next book. 😂

If you haven’t preordered You Are The Girl For The Job, go now. There are also a ton of special pre-order gifts.


Stop what you’re doing and start the 1619 Podcast from The New York Times. The listening is a pleasure (quiet, lovely, engaging)…the subject matter is devastatingly important.

She was an Internet prodigy. Practically a preteen at her first Fashion Week. Now, she answers, “Where Would I Be Without Instagram?”

I’ll Sparkle Pop Rampage, yes please. Rend Collective came out with kids music that does not annoy! ALLLLLL the praise hands.

Ruth Reichl is a national treasure.

Very convenient that my hobby may help me live for a good long time.

I’m leading a book club! Of my own book! It’s been a year since Preach to Yourself was published, and I’m celebrating by teaching through it for a whole month. Join in on the life change. If you need a copy, get a $10 signed copy! Do you already have a copy and/or $10 to spare? SPONSOR a copy for a woman who has indicated need!