5 Books That Will Change Your Life

Books are a uniquely portable magic. – Stephen King

Here’s a little life-changing math for you. If you read for 15 minutes every day, that would end up being just over 90 hours of reading over the course of a year. HOLY COW. I did a little googling, and it turns out it takes about 7 hours to read an average 250 page book. That means, if you read just 15 minutes a day, you could read 13 WHOLE BOOKS in your extra time over the course of a year.

—> rumor has it you can get through a book more quickly listening to it than reading it. Audible is a great option and you can get two free books right now!

You could catch those 15 minutes while you wait at the doctor, while you wait for the subway, while you’re waiting in the car-line to pick up your kids. You could catch 5 minutes while you eat breakfast and 10 minutes at lunch. However you want to do it, great, but I’m guessing you have 15 stray minutes that you could wrangle.

Keep a book in your purse, or do what I do and load the FREE Kindle app on your phone. I use KINDLE UNLIMITED (<—free 30 day trial!) to download free or cheap e-books and I always check Anne Bogel’s blog for discounted e-reads. This means I always have a book to read, even if I forget everything…because I never forget my phone. 🤷‍♀️

So, this is a life-changing habit as it is, yeah? Well, these 5 books are also practically guaranteed to push you, prod you, soothe you, and encourage you to keep going on your path. These are 5 of my current very favorites.

  1. The Gift of Being Yourself — This is a short (but DENSE) read that has shifted my life ENORMOUSLY. Pick this one up and shove it in your purse.

  2. You Are The Girl For The Job — If you are feeling stuck or tired or unsure, Jess is the best hype-girl and cheerleader that will always point you to Jesus.

  3. The Next Right Thing — The only thing better than the podcast. ;)

  4. Beginner’s Pluck — This book is hilarious and reminds me that purpose isn’t something to find but something to do every day. This book will pull you out of a funk fast…the plucky yellow cover with Liz on a Vespa helps, obviously.

  5. Made For This — Jennie Allen does big things. She’s a vision-caster and she has the nerve to build what she sees. In this book, Jennie helps YOU uncover what you’re made for.

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