What I learned in February 2019

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I finally hit my Winter Limit on Monday of this week. I wanted to go outside without having to grab my heavy, puffy coat. It was the first time all winter I’d felt that toddler temper tantrum feeling squeak up in my throat. I wanted to cry and stomp my feet and take a nap until it was warm out.

There’s something about the inevitability of time that makes me panicky sometimes. The fact that I can’t move it along when it’s dragging on makes me feel a little trapped. And, the reality that I can’t pause time or stop it altogether in those sweet, magical moments troubles me even more.

BUT, this February I have learned a few new things:

  1. If you dread meetings—even if you like the people you’re meeting with—it helps to plan the meeting for a place you really love going. Sure, Starbucks is easy and home is cheap. However, I’d gotten into the not-great brain groove of dreading any time I had Bible Study even though I love the girls in the study…and obviously I love the Bible. ;) BUT, when I started doing Bible Study at the local cafe that feels very design-y and vibe-y, all the sudden I was looking forward to that morning all week. Sometimes I just order the bottomless coffee, sometimes I order a big breakfast. Last week I just ordered crispy bacon and a mug of decaf. Life-hack right here, y’all.

    Also try: an art museum, your local library (i LOVE libraries!), the pool in the summer!

  2. I enjoy all things Internet when it is very edited. I’m an old-school Internetter, have been on all the blogs and social medias and websites practically since they were a thing. Having a computer at our home and the Internet soon thereafter became a way to experience the wider-world. HOWEVER, because of this, I have loooonnnnnnngggg lists of people I follow. Old Internet acquaintances, old Internet interests, old Internet curiosities. I’ve had Instagram longer than I’ve had my youngest kid (who is now SIX YEARS OLD thank you!). It was long past time to edit what I allow into my day. It’s not so much the content that’s the problem (I’ve always been pretty good at only following people and things that bring life)…it’s the volume. There’s just too much and it’s too loud.

    This book I picked up at the airport on a girls’ trip is seminal on this topic: Digital Minimalism

  3. I am apparently v. into stories of art theft. This tracks because I LOVE art history, art museums, and the act of creating art.

    If you’re also interested try: this NPR podcast, this GQ article, and this show on Netflix

  4. Strengthsfinders isn’t kidding when they say you don’t really change your main strengths. I did Strengthsfinders when it first came out and then again this month at the urging of a friend. AND THEY WERE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME (just a slightly different order). Input, Ideation, Strategic, Activator, Adaptability

    Have you taken the test? Start here, with the book. And, if you’re loving it, this time I paid for the extended report and it was v. enlightening.

I’m inspired by Emily Freeman to not only write these posts, but to write them as a way to slow down and looooook around. That’s kind of her whole vibe. I hope you know of her already, but if not, click over. Her book The Next Right Thing is coming out April 2nd. She has a podcast by the same name.