Links for YOOUUUU v.2

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It's been a bustling kind of week. And, I'll admit, this writing on the blog regularly thing is more difficult than I remembered. How in the world did we do it back in the day? Maybe it's that we didn't have so many other outlets (insta, twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc. etc. etc.) to drain our ideas and energy? It all feels noisy and I'm just trying to poke my way through to find some light. :) Thanks for doing it with me.

// I finished a new free Bible study called Pennies Are For Wishing! You can download it right here.

//  "Among younger Christians...many are no longer willing to ally themselves categorically with either the right or the left. Instead, they challenge all kinds of ideas of identity and tribe." The New Yorker

// Writing Preach to Yourself fueled the fire of my interest in brain science. This is all about working with the flow of your brain rather than against it.

// "And that’s the reason that we often feel tension between the two—because they are opposite." On vocation, art, and motherhood from Hannah Anderson for CT

// The complicated ethics of photoshop in 2018.

Hope your long weekend is just the best. We're hopping on a $20 double innertube with a cooler in the middle and floating down our hometown river. Nothing like a little free entertainment to lull away the last days of summer. I'm currently searching Pinterest for the best sandwich recipes. Cheers!