From My Many Open Tabs 3


Fresh, fuzzy peaches and garlicky, sweet salsa with tomatoes straight from the garden. Cookouts and bonfires with old friends. Then, a short four-day school week. Is there much better than the end of August and the beginning of September?

During the long weekend, I grabbed some cheap 10x10 canvases from Michael’s and flipped on a YouTube video on how to paint clouds. My kids (plus, my niece) went to town on their creations. It was the perfect $10 activity to occupy them and help them see the world in a new way. It was so interesting to watch their personalities shine through. My littlest guy Eli was very self critical, and he asked to quit at least every three minutes convinced he’d messed it all up behind repair. My oldest Noah followed the video to the letter and his clouds are textbook. My niece is all color and crazy, and her clouds matched her outlook all purple-hued and pink-highlighted. I encouraged them all to keep going and at least finish their work. I love seeing them all lined up and signed in the corners.


Always praying for Eva. (follow Eva’s Mom and Dad for updates)

Emerging adults in the church.

Surprising insight into Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress designer. (WaPo)

Had the honor to endorse Try Softer this week. Can’t wait for the release!

Because we should all use our voices.

These boots with a cute summer dress and this denim jacket for early fall (add tights for well into November).

I loved working in interlibrary loan at the campus library in college.

“I had been on excellent terms with [my body] for most of my life, possibly because it had come to me, straight out of the box, in a lucky size and shape.” Cancer, clothing, and change—dressing post mastectomy.