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yay! thanks for scheduling our conversation!!

On the Walk the Walk podcast, I'm looking to break down the Christianese and flesh out what it really looks like in our actual lives to walk with the Lord. Years ago I read “Walk the Walk by John Eldridge” and it was the first time I really got a glimpse into what another believer might mean when they say “God was calling them” or  “They could sense the Lord in...”. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with what other people’s, actual, practical walk with the Lord might look like.

I think our conversations might spur really good conversation with women and their actual, real life friends. :) I'll ask good, leading questions and we'll just have a fun, normal conversation.

It's an easy peasy 45 minute call that I'll edit down to a 30 minute recording. 

here's some of the kind of stuff we'll chat through:

Tell me about a time you really clearly "heard from the lord"? Can you break down what that actually looked like?

What does your "quiet time" or "time with the Lord" look like on any given day?

When people say they have a "relationship" with the Lord...what does that look like for you?

How does prayer look for you? What is something you've prayed about that ended up coming to fruition? What is something you've prayed about that's gone unanswered?

What does "accountability" and "community" look like for you?

What does it look like for you to share about God?

Tell me about a "dry season" with the Lord?

What does your local church involvement look like? have you ever had to "church shop"?

Okay! That's kind of an overview. I won't ask all those questions and I might ask some others--but that gives you an idea. :) I basically just want to cut through the "easy answers" with "Christiany words" and actually talk about this stuff in reality.