Hayley Morgan is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who wants nothing more than to remind women of what is true about God and themselves. Her first book called Wild and Free, co-written with Jess Connolly, was published in May 2016 and quickly became bestseller. Her most recent books Always Enough, Never Too Much and Preach to Yourself released in 2018. She currently runs the boutique Nellie Taft where you can find t-shirts and other treasures.

Hayley lives in Indianapolis with her husband and their four young sons. She blogs at hayleymorgan.com/blog .


  • You can often find me cross-legged on the floor of an art supply store debating between the merits of five different shades of green paint.

  • I've given in to the fact that reading on a Kindle is just more convenient than paper books. I KNOW.

  • I wanted to be an astronaut (or the president) as a little girl. High aspirations have never been a problem for this girl. ((insert nervous grimace emoji here))

  • I'm an ambivert, meaning I straddle the line between introversion and extroversion. This is common for my Meyers-Briggs type ENFP. This also causes confusing patterns in my life. I like a good night out, and then a day on puttering around the house by myself to recuperate.

  • Speaking of personality profiles, I’m a 3w4 on the Enneagram. That means I have things I want to accomplish…but I want to accomplish them on terms that match my principles. OH GOSH.

  • Both my office and kitchen windows overlook my elderly neighbor's backyard. She often plays the flute in her bathing suit outside on warm summer days. This is one of my favorite things about our house.

  • I love to vacation "at the lake" and look forward to the last week in July every single year.